SanDisk wanted to celebrate its 25th Anniversary with a nationwide promotion.


SanDisk wanted to have an interactive promotion. They had an ambitious agenda to run a one-year promotion that combined both a Sweepstakes and an Instant Win Game. Entry to the promotion would require the purchase of designated SanDisk products that included a promo code. Non-purchase entry would also be available via a mailed-in Alternate Method of Entry (AMOE) postcard. The promotion planned to award over 11,000 prizes worth over half a million of dollars, including $25K cash, trips to Hawaii and a variety of merchandise.

Contest Factory was approached by SanDisk to bid on this prestigious project, which Contest Factory subsequently won.


To meet SanDisk’s desire of an interactive promotion, Contest Factory proposed SpinZone, an Instant Win Game with a seamlessly integrated Sweepstakes module. Entrants would have to purchase a SanDisk product and find the promo code that was printed on the package. Each time an entrant registered with a valid promo code he/she would receive 5 spins/plays in the SpinZone game plus the entrant would have the option to receive up to 5 bonus spins by answering up to 5 survey questions. Entrants could use all their spin plays at once or save them to play later at any time during the yearlong promotion.

A digital promo code delivery system was also implemented to cater to entrants who entered via AMOE. Contest Factory was also tasked with the fulfillment of over 11,000 prizes, from baseball caps to 72-inch television sets, which were digitally tracked by its proprietary fulfillment system. Because the prizes were enticing and of high value, Contest Factory implemented a multi-level fraud detection system to prohibit anyone outside of the US from entering and anyone from within from gaming the promotion.

To monitor the promotion’s effectiveness, Contest Factory’s Viral DNA analytics software provided SanDisk with real-time site activity data on user registrations, instant wins, prize balances, and more.


SanDisk 25th Anniversary Sweepstakes & Instant Win Game promotion was a tremendous success. In fact, it was the most successful promotion in SanDisk’s history according to Ken Hutton, SanDisk’s Senior Channel Marketing Manager.   See below for what Ken had to say.

For the record…
After much deliberation internally at SanDisk as we prepare the close of this program there is a unanimous opinion that this has been a fantastic experience working with you guys. For a program running this long we literally have had no issues worth worrying about. You guys were flawless following up on all concerns promptly. Our special Wal-Mart support line received exactly…wait for it…zero calls in one year!

Ken HuttonSenior Channel Marketing Manager, SanDisk